Communication Policy:
TeamSnap App is our communication system and its use is MANDATORY for all players and for least one parent. Upon registration you will be assigned a team and will need to ensure you have notifications turned on to receive all communication.

Please download the TeamSnap and GroupMe app on your phone.  Here are some of things to keep in mind. 

  • On the "Schedule" tab,  you see all the practices, games, due dates and events.   Player "Availability" must be selected (yes, no or maybe) for every game, practice and some events. Click each item on the schedule to view.  If your answer is "no or maybe" please explain in Availability Notes.  It will only be seen by the coaches. 

  • On the "Roster" tab, you can see contact information for player/families, coaches and the Board of Directors.

  • On the "Messages" tab, you can see "Team Chat" and send email. Players- please turn on "TeamSnap Notifications" on your under your phone settings. Important information will come through on this format. 

  • On the "Other" tab, you can see how much you owe under payments, upload/download photos, view/print documents in files, view player statistics, view what registration items that have been turned in under tracking, select preferences for email and mobile notifications.


  • Make sure TeamSnap email do not go to SPAM​

  • Check email regularly

  • Do not have email listed on roster profile more than once or you will receive multiples of the same email. 

  • Up-date any changes, such as mobile or email, on your roster profile.  It is your responsibility to keep it updated so you receive pertinent information

  • If you have any trouble or questions, please contact, or TeamSnap Customer support.  They are prompt and helpful.

Attendance Policy:

  • Attendance for all practices and games is expected and mandatory.

  • Consequences are to be expected for missing either, 

  • Players MUST mark their "availability" status in Team Snap for all games, practice and some events.  The reason for an absence must be typed in"availability notes" as well as all late arrival and early departures. The coaches are the only ones that will see the reasons. 

  •  "Availability" can be modified up to 24 hours prior to the event.  Last minute changes to your status must be texted directly to the Coaches. 

  • It is CRUCIAL for the coaches to know who will be there for games and practices for planning purposes. 

Conflict Resolution Process:​

WGLax program is dedicated to the development of good character, good judgement and sportsmanship.  Our methods of problem solving should be models of good practice.  If a player presents a problem to parents or if parents perceive a problem or potential problem affecting their daughter, the steps are as follows:

  1. Encourage and counsel your player on how to ask for, prepare for and conduct a private discussion with the coach or other team Representative in a positive and constructive manner. The coaches will have an open door policy and will instruct the team on how and when they are available.

  2. If the player has spoken to the coach or is unable to speak to the coach and requests parent involvement, the parent should contact the coach to explain the concern and the steps already taken.

Self Discipline Expectations:

For the team to be effective and benefit from practice time, self discipline and self control are mandatory. Following these expectations will help create a favorable atmosphere for building teamwork, bonding and the making of great memories. 



  • Use good sportsmanship at all times, even if others are not.

  • Be respectful and kind to your team-mates, coaches, opponents and referees.  Refrain from being mouthy, using profanity, any unbecoming behaviors or gestures.

  • Be friendly, encouraging, helpful and fair to each other.  Lacrosse is a team sport and everyone has a key role.  New players are just as significant as the veterans because they will be the ones leading the team in the future. 

  • Be positive.  Negativity, such as complaining and gossiping, is detrimental to your success and the teams success.  If you have a bothersome issue, please discuss it with the coach instead of other players. 

Player Dress Code:

Player appearance should reflect the pride and unity of the team.  Player uniforms and cleats should always be clean, without tears and in good taste, meaning nothing on top or bottom hanging out for all games.   All protective gear should be worn for all practices and games.  Team Captains are to assist coaching staff with communicating  and reinforcement of this policy.



Bullying and Hazing: 

No demeaning, humiliating or disfiguring actions will be tolerated.  Any violations will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the coaches and Board of Directors.

Alcohol, Tobacco Products, Vaping and Drug use:

Players should not use, sell, abuse or possess any alcohol and drugs.  Vaping and cigarettes are extremely discouraged and unacceptable at any game or practice, especially in your uniform or spirit wear. 

Any violations will be dealt with on an individual bases by the coaches and Board of Directors.

Violation Penalty:

A student who is under arrest for a municipal ordinance violation, misdemeanor, or felony will be suspended from competition and remain ineligible until his/her judgment is satisfied according to public law. This includes violations that take place during the season and/or non-season including evenings, and weekends.
The Board of Directors may deny participation in all club activities to a player convicted or found “not innocent” of a municipal ordinance, misdemeanor, or felony.

*Reinstatement - Reinstatement to the team may be granted after a review by the Board of Directors and the coach.

2022 Covid Protocols
General  guidelines from the CDC to help individuals prevent the spread of the respiratory illness include:
  •  Encourage anyone who is sick (players, coaches, officials, fans) to stay away from activities. Consider encouraging fans with the medical conditions that may make them more at risk for COVID-19 to avoid mass gatherings. Stay home when your are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, the throw the tissue in the trash
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • Avoid handshakes in postgame handshake lines
  • Bring your own water bottles-NO SHARING
  • Properly clean and sanitize lacrosse equipment
  • Bring hand sanitizer to events
We encourage individuals to contact their local healthcare providers and public health authorities if they have questions or concerns regarding individual medical advice. Given the fluid nature of this situation, US Lacrosse will continue to monitor information from the CDC, and state and local public health authorities, and will share any updates that relate directly to the lacrosse community.
***Parents/Players should contact your coach immediately if  players or family members test positive for COVID-19***