"There Is No Glory In Practice, But Without Practice There Can Be No Glory."

Lacrosse Field

There are four main positions in the game of Lacrosse for each team.  

A-Attack, M-Midfield, D-Defense each with 3 players, and 1 G-Goalie.


ATTACK: The Attackers job is to receive the ball from the midfielders in transition, and set up the offense. The 3 attackers must stay on the offensive side of the field because there has to be 3 players from the team on this side of the field at all times or its a penalty. Attackers must have the best stick skills when it comes to shooting, passing, and protecting their stick from defenders because they touch the ball the most on the team.

MIDFIELD: The 3 midfielders or "middies" are allowed to play over the entire Lacrosse field. They start the game with a face-off and play both offense and defense. A good midfielder must have speed and endurance since they run up and down the field like soccer. 

DEFENSE: The 3 defenders must stay on the defensive side of the field since there has to be 4 players (3 defenders and 1 goalie) on this half for each team or it's a penalty. It's their job to make sure the opponent does not score a goal. They guard the 3 attackers from the other team.

GOALIE: Much like all sports the goalie is one of the most important positions in lacrosse. The goalie uses a much bigger head and net on the stick to help save shots. The goalie stands in a small circular area around the goal, call the crease, no one from the other team can go into the crease, Goalies must have the best hand-eye coordination in order to save shots since they're coming very fast. Although the goalies wear special pads to help protect them, they still get hit with shots so they must be very tough players. 


FACE-OFF/DRAW CONTROL: A great face-off player is one of the most valuable things a team can have because they determine who gets to start with the ball.  She's one of the 3 midfielders on the field at that time. A face-off is how each quarter of the game is started, and after every goal is scored like hockey.  Face-off players must be great at picking up ground balls.

Visual Signals

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